Add: 500m far from south of Jiaocheng Economic Development Park, Shanxi Prov.,China.
Telephone exchange: +86-358-3576366
Marketing Dep.: +86-358-3521713
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Purchase Dept.: +86-358-3526201
Fax: +86-358-3521716

Human Resource

The company adheres to Human Resources as the first resoures and the competition of talents as Enterprises competition core. And based on the high-quality talents,they company will continue manufacture and innovate.

Talent Absorbing. The company is actively introducing various talents including the top- professional technology talents and the graduates of chemistry and pharmaceutics major from the universities and colleges to infuse large vitality into company development.

Staff Training. As for staff training, the way of in-company training and dispatch are offered to improve the quality of staff as well as training by combine theory and practice for improving the staff's Moral Qualities,technological levels and Management skills.

Talent Pormotion.The company has established the variable employing system,promotion system and motivation system to put the talents to the important position and supply the wide development platform for them.

Talent Caring. The company supply the good environment of working, living and training as well as the high salary for the staff based on the idea that' Taking man as the foundation'.

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